I Don't Know Why

I just don't talk to god in hope...It is like I just know he is there. I will admit God is what ever God wants to be. But I am a lunatic or in the last day or so claim maybe I wont claim this at some point in my life but for right now I am giving up! there is nothing for me I can see that now. God got his good laugh in I don't blame him.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

we connect to god by words, his words, wen you say it he comes, he is not in heaven he lives with you and in you, as many as receive him, did you receive him? the nyou have power to become a child of god, how? listen to tl Osborn you tube, it will clear up your confusion. god is never laughing at you, he longs for you to come to him he made you his friend, and he needs you