i think world is gonna end....?? i have dreams bout it.....
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And I just died because I had my head cut off in one of my nightmares...sorry for the sarcasm but the world isn't gonna end just because you dreamt it would, I mean it probably will, but maybe in a thousand or million more years when the sun dies out

wait...guys let's hold onto him.......maybe he'll give the world a chance

We can't sit around here relying on myths that cannot be proven to be true, humanity's time is ticking down and only by excelling in technology and science can we survive. If a "god" won't show himself. We'll have to make ourselves "gods"

The earth will end eventually. But god will have nothing to do about it. It's going to end by natural causes.

And we all will be dead by then.

Actually, if humans don't destroy the planet to the point we cannot live on it, The Andromeda–Milky Way the galaxy collision predicted to occur about 4 billion years will. But if we somehow survive the galaxy collision. The sun will destroy the earth. Because the planet isn't perfect and will eventually reach doom either way.

Don't be sad, if your god exists. It's exactly what he wants. For your future generation to be vaporised by a giant star. :)


Of god.

When I look around, I see science. When I see another person, I see evolution, endosymbiotic theory, the big bang. Perhaps when you almost died your brain caused that hallucination which is highly possible and the logical answer to your "experience of god". I would recommend you research about it, Quite interesting stuff. :) And i'm not doomed, I'll be dead before the world is not able to be habitable anymore. But to lie about it to make myself feel better about my future generation isn't the way the universe works. The truth hurts.

I'm not mad, I'm explaining. This is experience project I can express my views. Just because they don't match with the people doesn't mean I am angry at them.

Don't worry, i'm not. I like teaching people and i'm waiting for something to download anyway.

Actually, the ark hasn't been discovered. Just false stories people have said it was in iran, and then turkey. It hasn't been found, and there is no evidence of god that is why its called a faith you see. :) I need proof because religion affects a lot of people nowadays and I don't see why. The time people spend reading the bible which could be possibly false, they could be learning science and such which actually has evidence of existing. Every second is important in a human's life. I have no problem with religion personally but I seen many religious people try to force their beliefs onto other people's lives and I just cannot see the sense within it. If religion was a private matter I wouldn't care less but its not, people spread hatred, start wars because of it.

My thinking is not realistic? I believe in multiples of evidence and tests with multiple sources about how life came to be in such detail over many many years. While you believe in a single old book about a old man creating everything in a few days.

God didn't have the time to create the universe in the first place, because nothing can exist before the universe, because the universe is everything including god, so before the universe god couldn't of existed because something cannot exist in nothing. And god is something according to religious people. So it just does not make sense.

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