SHE Rocks

I am a person without faith. I can FEEL Mother Earth.

Best of all I don't have to pay some man to tell me what I have to do or not do for Her to accept me.

She is not a "jealous" Goddess and loves me no matter who I might worship or think is the one true God, whatever.

I know I am Her son but not Her only son, as all men AND women are Her children.

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Sorry, I don't seem to detect the great divide you see between orthodox religion and yours. Assigning gender to a diety is rather meaningless to any but the assignee anyway isn't it?

WarriorMom, you are a true pagan. Any "organized new age group that would say otherwise is fake...DD

Mother Earth is awesome. The rich pure energy she flows through every cell in our bodies, connecting us as one with her and all things, being equal with each other, and holding us, as we are also part of the massive Universe.

LadyJayne, The Goddess, is the Earth Goddess, Goddess of nature so I am sure you are writing about her.<br />
<br />
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MadMaximus , I am not sure what you are referring to…but thanks…D

ancientcelt why is your avatar named "ancientcelt"?<br />
I suspect the real ancientcelt would agree with my post...DD