My Story With Him And Loneliness

Where shall I start, I was 18 when I met him, and he was 30,u wud think it's a big gab but we were so close and understand each other so much, after a year I discovered that he was cheating on me, I got into his house to find him in bed with a girl...
After a month, I get back to him, I forgived him.. Day after day we got our relation back to normal and that's how our second year together passed,,, after that he changed, he started to call less, ignore me, my calls, and my mags, I felt something wrong is going wrong, I sat that night in my room, crying, and praying, asking god"please god, if he is doing something wrong behind my back just make me know, I need to know"
The next day I asked to see him, we were talking when suddenly, out of no where, something fell off his pocket, a ring, an engagement ring, I cudnt believe my eyes, I picked it up, look at him and asked"what is this?" he answered in a very cold tone "it's not mine, am keeping it for a friend"it was a lie ofc, he was engaged 3mounths ago, I can't tell u what
a month after it but I didn't answered him, after that he send me a MSG that he left here for me, and ofc, stupid me, I get back to him, we are amazing together, nothing felt wrong, but, one day he called me and said"listen, my wedding is after a week, so please don't call me anymore, forget me and get along with ur life" and he hanged up, that's when a passed out, I stayed in the hospital for about 3 days, I was 20 years then, it took me year to stop dreaming about him every single night,,,
Am 21 now, it's been a year since I saw or talked to him, but, I still cry every night, I still love him, after all he did to me, I still love him, so much, I can't get over him.
many guys tried to get close to me but I cudnt do it, since he left me I feel alone, so alone, I can't sleep at night thinking about him with another girl, and when I wake up every morning, I start to cry, Coz I don't wan a wake up, I don't wan a live another day without him,, I love him, and am lonely because of him, but I love him,,,
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i hear the best way to get over a man is to get under one!!