Strong Loving Wives & The Power Of Maternal Guidance For Husbands

I would bet that the world would be a better, safer, and more peaceful place if good women took the leadership role with the men in their lives. A wife who is strong enough and loving enough to exert her dominance through maternal love and discipline is rare find for a man. Women have been brainwashed for thousands of years to submit and feel inferior to men. But the reality is that alot of men are immature and irresponsible and would be happier under the loving rule of their wife. Loving guidance and caring discipline are gifts of love.

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I definitely agree with you. Whisch shows you are definitely a human Woman and a smart one at that.

You're absolutely right ahumanishere.<br />
My husband understands this too. And I notice that other people here understand and desires.<br />
Without playing the "dictator" at home. I manage the household, and he takes care.<br />
Serve your wives without their realizing it if they are not willing to take the reins of the situation. She will eventually understand the benefits.

I agree 100% with you. At the same time, very few of the women I have known (except my ex-wife in Paris) want to be dictator. Most women, in my experience, want a man who participates in the decision-making but who seeks to accommodate her at all times, be it in or out of the bedroom. In most cases, that means submission to them whether we state it that way or not. -:)

i do agree with you,my wife is in control of our household an of me an she does not think twice about bearing my bottom for punishment<br />
strick catholic up brining

Agree with the comments of the OP. I don't have this type of marriage and never will although I crave it. My wife is very beautiful and compassionate and I was lucky to meet her. In the early years I hurt her often and would have be benifitted from having her discipline me early and often in our marriage. If I could go back I would some how encourage her to discipline me and take control of my *******. I would have eventually lobed it.

I like that my wife controls the bills, budget, and our sex life.. I gladly bend over and except any amount of punishment my wife wants to give me. I beg for her to make me her complete slave and sex toy. I would gladly cook, clean, and bow at her feet any time she allowes it.

Do not pray more made ​​it!

Women are the thinkers in a relationship. We see long range planning. It is obvious that we are better at leading a marriage than men. When men get unruly (like bad children), they should be spanked over their bare bottom.

My wife still takes me across her knee (at age 53) when she thinks I need it or she wants to.

For me too although it is mainly in the bedroom.

Hi! I defintely agree with you. My wife is the disciplinarian in our home and that includes spanking me when I need it.<br />
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