"We Are Strong" to All Wive's, Girlfriends and Fiancee's of a Military Man.

  Hello, my name is kathy I am 22 years old  and I recently been married to a Marine. We have been together for 5 years now and were high school sweet hearts. He always had a passion in joining the military since he was a child. As an adopted child he wanted his mother to be proud of him and wanted to do something for our country as well as to be a good influence for his younger brother's. In the beginning I did not want him to join because I was afraid. After we graduated high school we both wanted to become independent so we moved from Puerto Rico where we lived to New York we both loved the city better and I had only been living in Puerto Rico for a year and he had lived from place to place house to house because of his situation of him and his brother's being adopted. So we moved to New York with my older sister and  lived their for two years after those two years we got our own place in Massachusetts because in New York the rent was to expensive and the job's didn't pay much. We began to work for the yo-plait yogurt factory in methuen while going to college it was not easy but we where at least able to pay our bills and rent. A couple of years later he decided it was time to join he was already 21 years old and he had spoke to the recruiter's I was so afraid,but I had to support him because it's what he wanted it was always his dream. Well he joined and graduated from Parris Island and he is now in SOI school in camp lejuene. We got married on the 10 day leave  he got after he graduated from Parris Island because he knew it would be difficult to get married after he left again to SOI and MOS school he choose the job of Security Forces and only has a month more for his next graduation from camp lejuene. We look forward to the future together, but sometimes worry on what might happen next because they don't tell him much.  Although I do some research and know a little bit of what to expect. I hope that I can get housing quickly after he gets stationed. I feel a little bit better then when he was in Parris Island because we can talk on the weekends on his liberty time. So I at least get to hear his voice on the weekends. It is still hard for us because we lived together for 5 years and never separated we even worked in the same place. I just want to tell those girlfriends, wives's and fiance's that it is hard but we are strong women and  we need to stay strong for them!! and support them because it is hard for them as well as for us, but we are their strength and we need to stay strong to keep them strong!! I't is all mental.

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Your story shows that you have A LOT of love for your husband and what he is doing. I'm not only proud of your husband but I'm very proud of you for sticking by his side. You are a true blessing!<br />
Best wishes to the both of you!

Bless, x