I Know Now How Strong I Really Am

In the last year I have lost my business, my home & the future I thought was all planned.

My husband has (finally) been diagnosed with a very rare degenerative disease, but for months we were told not to worry, that it was temporary & he'd be back to his normal self soon.

By the time his dr's finally gave in and admitted it was more serious he had been unable to work for over 4 months, and I'd needed to give up work to care for him. Because the dr's kept saying he would be ok we used up all our savings just getting by, and they didn't feel it necessary to sign him off work as it was only temporary. Or in the opinion of one doctor in his head! Although how you manifest golf ball sized tumours throughout your body I'm interested to know? My husband has an illness called Dercums Disease. Never heard of it? Neither have our dr's.

However, even although we have been made homeless, declared bankruptcy & life has changed beyond any of my worst nightmares I know that I can handle whatever comes & I survived with grace & dignity intact. As I tell my husband as long as we have each other we can face the world & win! ;-)
highlandtiger highlandtiger
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An amazing story that i hope has a fairy tale ending. You deserve it !

You really are very strong, highlandtiger, and a good support and advocate for your husband. I hope the future replaces the challenges with blessings. Keep the faith!

Thank you, and I've heard of Anders Syndrome, I think it's because he's a guy it took so long to diagnose because it's even rarer in men, the tumours were actually the biggest help in helping reach a diagnosis because he's what's known as Type 3 Dercums. Some of the tumours are lipomas, but some are angiolipomas (really painful), which just means they have nerve endings & blood vessels in them as well! Nasty little critters! However at least they helped us establish what it was. <br />
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They're still sorting out pain control, but we've been told to expect him to be put onto morphine in the fairly near future. Fingers crossed that works! ;-) Thanks for your comment.