i heard of this website which u can type your stories for others to read. Apparently a lot of people get noticed on this site and get writing deals on it. I cant remember the name of it so if anyone knows what its called i'd be thankful
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

nevermind i fund it out. Its called its a great website for if u want to get discovered or if u just like to read r write. anyone wh wants to read my story idea just look for my pen name ...its the same as my name here any feedback would be well liked.

"any feedback would be well liked" Before you get to anxious about getting "discovered", I would advise that you fix your grammar.
try "any feedback would be APPRECIATED

Most good writers have problems with some grammer and spelling..don't let someone pull you down, just keep writing