Advice For A Struggling Writer?

I have been trying to finish a novel for as long as I can remember, but every time I sit down to write, the same thing happens. I will work incessantly to get my words down onto paper, only to completely lose interest several weeks later.

Writers block will hit me in the worst possible way and I lose all interest in my work. It will seem to me that I have done all I can wuith the idea and that I have no plausible way to end it. Then I'll scrap the whole lot, only to regret it motns later. My staying power is really lacking, but I think if I could only stick with it, I could finish something really memorable!

What I'm trying to say is; does anyone have any good tips to ward off writers block until it genuinely comes back by itself?
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I have a similar issue quite often. I am currently working on my first novel and find that it is a worth while project, but often find that I am unmotivated to keep going when I finally have the time to. <br />
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Sometimes it is due to being overwhelmed with the ideas flooding through, other times it will simply be that I am too exhausted/emotional uninterested, the worst ones are when I feel like my ideas and story are not appealing enough and wonder if the entire thing should be scarped. <br />
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I have also realized that, with time and practice, those moments can eventually be erased, at least to a lesser, more manageable degree. <br />
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As a creative individual, I believe that people that immerse themselves into the creative often feel more introverted/in deep thought. Our brains can only handle so much, so perhaps before you start writing, try relaxing, or doing something completely unrelated to writing. Do the same when you're finished with writing, that way you will always feel that writing is fresh and accomplishing. EP is great to help a writer warm up, but when on for too long, I've noticed (in my past profile) that I become too invested in my stories on here and lack the drive to write as intensely on my personal novel. <br />
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As I am still struggling with this issue from time to time, my advice is purely what I tend to do myself, as I feel it helps me, personally. <br />
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I also tend to think that this kind of issue also relates to ow we feel about our books, personally. If we're not 100% committed to the idea and are not capable of giving ourselves to it, I think it's easier for us to find reason to stop or feel less confident on our ideas. <br />
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Anyways, that's my say. I hope that it helps a little bit!

Thank you for the great advice, Memories. It's comforting to know that there are other people in the same position, particularly with fitting in reality.