My Experience As a Last Year Student Nurse

i'm in last year right now and i have a lot of experience..involving life..and it is really depressing me to think that mistake is all around us,

this story happens in male surgical ward..i'm happen to be the student nurse incharge with my other friend,around 1 o'clock i check the blood pressure of the patient and noticed it unreadable. i inform the staff nurse and she look at me like nothing happen just ignore me..i tell again another staff nurse and she told me to inform the doctor.that's happen while the staff nurse hand over their work.i feel really confused seeing last only one doctor, me n my other friends attending the patient..the patient died anyway.but i really feel sad thinking about it.will i become like that someday?i hope not..

dejayana dejayana
22-25, F
1 Response May 11, 2008

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