I got accepted to a nursing school and will start in the end of August this year ^___^

For once I can really be proud of myself :) And I'm really looking forward to the stints in the psychiatric wards as I want to get into mental health field!
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Hi.My name is Hazel.I really want to be a nurse.Where did you apply to,like what nursing school are you in.Could you email me all the details please.hazelnutoc@yahoo.ie<br />
Thanks for your help.<br />
Keep in touch.<br />
Hazel xx

Congrats to you!! I am already in and its hard but I like it. I too want to go into psychiatric care. Do you know what environment you want to work in doing that kind of care?

There's nothing like those sorts of "learning experiences" to bond together a bunch of students, no matter how likely or unlikely friendship with them seemed at the outset :D

thank you thank you thank you ^___^ I am very excited :) although I'm not looking forward to showering and changing elder people :S something that must be done though... and it's only one part of the learning. I just don't think it's 'nurses gone wild'-life though :D but with the right people, I'm sure it'll be a blast!

Congratulations! How very exciting :D

well, at least I thought my student years rocked :D

Cheers!!! I'm happy for ya :) Enjoy, it might be your best years in nursing :p