The Human Condition

Well philosophers and psychologists have been doing it for centuries. Since highschool I have found the human condition absolutely amazing. I used to sit and watch people and how they interact. The little subtle movement and body language to facial expressions and innuendoes. I walked into an elevator with one other person and purpousfully stood right next to them. They were afraid to move but got visibly nervous and futzy :) little things like that i find interesting. Theres alot you can learn about humans in general... we're all not really that different... but we have different experiences that force different mental blocks and barriers that shape who we are on the outside atleast.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2007

I would "only" add THIS thought.<br />
There are The Watchers and The Doers.<br />
The "watchers" THINK they accomplish Something;<br />
The "doers" KNOW they have accomplished SOMETHING.