I Am.

I believe in the underlying themes of all things, what brought me onto this line of thinking is that the religions of the world seem to be the telling of one story, over and over again. All the characters have different names, but the archetypes they represent are permanent.
For example all the religions of the world contain the story of the Great Flood. Giving more credence to the idea that it actually happened.
There were several son's of god that were sacrificed for the Greater Good. If we take all the religions and put them together and find all the places they overlap we can find the true story of what happened all those many years ago.
Also I find that studying psychology, physics, chemistry, and biology help with my own spirituality. You never know when or where you'll find the next piece of knowledge that will illuminate some small portion of your mind.

Because it is the mind that generates the universe, or rather that Mind of God generates it, but this is just a combination of all our consciousnesses put together. Also the collective-unconsciousness is apart of this as well.

The Mind of God in quantum physics is called the Quantum Pool. It has also been called the Pleroma, which is a Void, like Oblivion, which still contains the image of all things that can be manifested into our own personal dimension.

We are all connected, but we are also alone at the same time. You see the Law of the Paradox is what holds the universe together. The Paradox allows two opposites to exist in the same moment in space/time. Normally they would nullify each other, but the Paradox lets them co-exist, allowing the Automatic Creation to work.

Also I find a lot of people say "where is God?" or "why doesn't God interfer?" and the reason for that is that our universe is the Automatic Creation. It was meant to be automatic, that was the only way for humans to have their free will and be the companion of the Supreme Being. Because if God interfered with his Automatic Creation then it wouldn't be automatic and free, it would all be fated. Now certain beings will have more fate then others, depending on their Path through birth - death - rebirth.

what makes that a circle is that rebirth and birth are the same thing. We only put re- on the second one to help our minds better grasp the concept. Because it's still true, cause rebirth and birth happen at the same time, seeming like the same thing, but really it's one moment with two opposites existing at the same point in space/time.

I believe that one day we will be back to being one people again, I fear that there will be a lot less people on the planet when that happens. But everyone will be where they should be and love will save the day. then again, Hell will not wait for your downfall.

When I say God, I don't mean the judeo-christian God, I mean the Supreme Being which is the sum of all things. I don't believe in Jehovah, if anything he is merely an avatar for the supreme being, because the supreme being would have to become less than himself to come down to the Automatic Creation. Like when we are playing video games, the sprites in the game are much less than us, as people. it's the same thing with the Supreme.

I keep returning to the darker magics, curses and manifesting horrible beasts. I am hoping that my wind demon will mature soon. here's hoping.
quinndragosen quinndragosen
26-30, M
Jul 24, 2012