My Experience So Far

This is my first time sharing with the world that I am a student of the occult.

Frankly, I take on a very deist approach and I'm usually studying texts for more theological reasons than participating in rituals. 

My interest started when I was 9 when I have an interest in magic, and not the harry potter kind either. (He didn't exist yet)

However, I finally started taking a deep interest in it after I read something called "Revelations of an Elite Family Insider". 

That was about 4 years ago, and since then I've joined a Freemasons lodge, and have started looking into groups like The Rosicrucians. 

I really hope can learn a lot and come to trust this place enough that I can tell about my more wowing experiences. 



-Lucien Dumatin

luciendumatin luciendumatin
22-25, M
4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Hello, you are more than welcome to have a look at some ot the photo's and books that i have read that have made up my artwork in the photo's in my Profile. Would welcome sharing some of my views with you some time !

Oh wow, 20 years. I'm a newbie I suppose, though a bit advanced for being one. I have been researching and studying the Occult for the past 2 years now, it fascinated me. Perhaps we could share our views sometime?

I recently came across a web site from the Theosophical Society of London. Looking through the site is a good Study Course to follow. I personally followed my own path, and have been at it for about 20 years now. Good luck in your research and really hope you can come to trust this place enough that you can tell us about your more wowing experiences.

What kind of literature have you read on the Occult?