Almost There

I have only two semesters left (if everything goes to plan and I pass these last 8 modules). Many times I wonder why am I doing this to myself. It is hard work studying part time, on my own, being a mom, running a household and who knows what else. I've been doing all this whilst working... okay not now, I've been laid off but I'm looking for a job in between too.

People everywhere are struggling to find jobs and they too have degrees. It makes me wonder: is this worthwile? All this studying. The only reason why I'm still studying is all the money I've put into it. I'm almost done and to stop now will be a waste of all that money. I might as well finish it and I will have at least have something to show for it.

There is a sense of pride in me when I look at all the books that I've already studied. I've come far: It is my last year and I've pushed myself to the limits with this - and some of it during the worst times of my life. I can do it. Just wish it was not so freakin' cold. I'm smoking myself into oblivion to stay awake.

Something I wish I could understand about myself is why I'm choosing a career that is not so popular. I'm doing a degree in Risk Management and I have found that corporates choose Chartered Accountants to do Risk Management. Can someone please explain to me why is that? Risk Management is more than just looking at the freakin' financials. But to explain that to an accountant who only thinks numbers is like telling a domestic cat the world's color's exist of more than just blue and green. I wish I could get that into the corporates heads. I enjoy risk management a lot - that is what I'm good at - very good at, to say the least without blowing my own horn here.

Okay, I need to calm down before I blow an artery here. It is hard to potty train a domestic cat - as in to get it to actually sit on a toilet and do it's business there. Baby-steps...

To come back to my question: is it worth one's while to study these days? I don't know. Only time will tell. The only thing I do know: it certainly makes you more marketable and it does look good on your resumé.

Alera Alera
36-40, F
Jul 16, 2010