Einstein Was Not The Best Student.

I'm doing my college and I keep getting told that excellence at this stage would pave my future. Is that so ?
No, seriously, I don' t really know, at this time that is.

As far as I've analysed, Bill Gates is a high school dropout and his path is paved pretty well. Yeah, you might say its not about the money, its about some sort of proof, that I'm educated. But do I really need a piece of printed paper with a fancy university's name on top of it, with my name mentioned somewhere to prove that I'm smart, that I'm capable of being the best, that I'm smart and intelligent.

Because sometimes smart people never get good grades.....EINSTEIN NEVER GOT GOOD GRADES.

Infact, he had speech difficulties when he was a small. Failed an entrance exam and possibly countless other so called failures that probably did not even get documented. Hes one of the world greatest mathematicians and he was a high school math failure. Ironic, isn't it.

Einstein was a bad student, but he was none the less a student and life was his teacher. All people who have achieved greatness in this world, be it economically, scientifically or what so ever it may be have had a different outlook. Most of them believed that they were always students and that everything around them was education. Life was the big school they study in, parts of it.


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hey thanks, i know my stories kinda flawed, didn't bother to read it myself, but you got the point !!!<br />
And i love your quote. Thanks

I Believe you have made a Great Point. Really and Truly, to Succeed one is not in complete need of a certificate to show one is capable and thus accomplish well in Life. Its Evident that Thousands of Great People have Succeed in Life simply by Educating themselves (Personal Education). However, Public Education is also highly recommended. It helps one go up that ladder (as they say)... its best to do well in Personal (specially) and Public Education.<br />
<br />
I remember a saying... "Public Education makes you a Living... Personal Education makes you a Fortune".<br />
<br />
Both should be highly valued. It'll help one run up that mountain and achieve Greatness in Life.<br />
Peace & Love :D