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Seven Great Qualities Of A Student':

Once a zero, always a zero..!

Attendence in 5 different Voices..!

Presenting 1 Answer in 5 different ways..!

4. ART:
Designing, customizing classroom tables..!

Tolerating teachers 4-8 hrs of lecs..!

6. PERIPHERAL VISION: Checking out a gal/guy sitting behind..!

Failing & giving others a chance to top..!

I recieved this text by a friend and couldn't keep myself from laughing and nodding to each one :)
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Thanks chkpuk :-)

great post

Hehehe<br />
have Luck with that..<br />
<br />
though it Also means like if you know only one thing from one chapter and something related to it in the exams, you present it, carve it like they want it! <br />
though it doesn't always work

Presenting 1 Answer in 5 different ways..!<br />
Yes, Indeed, truly, as a matter of fact, definitely<br />
<br />
(also learning how to use synonyms effectively) =)

Hehehe.. you know bublina, i liked that one too. only a student could have leaked that one out otherwise they wouldn't have that "girls sit behind boys" rule in that academy. hehe.<br />
<br />
okay, can anyone explain what number 2 means? i know, just checking.<br />
<br />
Oh yeah... we, the glorious, the honourable, the most innovative(nobody cheats better than us) and Also the most harshly judged of all people... <br />
<br />
I mean, i am SURE that if our teachers were any better than us, they probably wouldn't be teachers(not counting the really dedicated ones)... and if they're asked to do all that we're asked to do, they probably would't get full marks.. as they're only specialized in one field... and yet they rate us, judge us, degrade us?? and most of the incredibly amazing things we study are not going to help us..<br />
What are we to do?<br />
*wow this is becoming a speech... i should stop and better let the mood stay light. don't want a revolution. lol*

I like number 6! :D

LOL. So true! We students sure have a lot of honourable qualities! xD

Hehehe<br />
<br />
Oh yeah.. :P<br />
<br />
notice how the highest qualities come at the end.

Had a laugh too, FFW! Thanks for forwarding this.<br />
<br />
Seeing someone behind you? That is some peripheral vision!