Final 'final Exam'

It's been four long years. I finally stood up to pass my examination papers. It was a long test and I didn't bother waiting for the others. With an hour left on the clock, I decided to leave the room as a few other did before me.

I stepped out from the classroom and it suddenly felt weird. That moment. Then it hit me. That was my final 'final exam'. It was a weird feeling. I know there is still the 'waiting for the grades' thing though. I think one of the worst things a student had to do is wait for his grades. It's like watching your professor do a carnival stint "Do you get a passing grade or a failing grade? Do you like an A? B? C? X, Y, Z? Pick one! Pick one!" "No? Then, red ink all over your paper! Bwahaha"

I stepped out of the building and I felt compelled to just stand still. I have gone over and over this moment before. What would I do on the last walk from school? Would I be happy? Would I be sad? Would I be angry? Blah?

I turned around and faced the enormous pillars again (luckily, the place was deserted). And, I sighed. Yeah, of all the things, what escaped from me was a sigh.

Sigh. :)

P.S. As of the time of the story, the author is clueless on what her grades are. Haha
mareliberum mareliberum
Mar 30, 2012