Student Research Project

Hi, i am a student currently studying an access course and have been asked to complete an independant research project. I have chosen to ask the question, 'how does the media support familistic ideology and what consequences does this have on family diversity.'

my hypothesis is: Childrens programmes reflect and enforce the 'cereal packet' family and labels other family types as deviant.

My eight questions i hope to answer are:

  • Are the childrens television programme characters a true representation of the modern day family?

  • Does the media enforce ideological views of the family on children?

  • Does the media portray single parent families as deviant?

  • Does the media re-inforce traditional gender roles in childrens programmes?

  • Has previous research over the years found similar themes and patterns in the media?

  • How are the family portrayed in modern day television programmes?

  • How are the roles of breadwinner and housewife reflected in childrens television programmes?

  • Does the media portray significant change in female/male gender roles?

jfarmer12 jfarmer12
22-25, F
May 22, 2012