I Wanted Psychology But I Took Up Commerce Instead. Now Im Very Miserable.

i feel like i dont belong here. commerce people are mostly shallow. not that theres anything wrong with that. what i mean is im so different and it feels so out of place. i want to be with people like me. who share my interests. i give up on trying to get along with my blockmates. ive drifted away from them. sigh. i feel so down. :(((
MargoRothSpiegelman MargoRothSpiegelman
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Well its not too late to shift course unless your 4th year now i guess the best way is to continue but if your still in 2nd year college then you better shift what you wanted to be because at the end you will always wonder why you never do it?I will share something that i always ponder,when i was in your age i wanted something my relatives all of them oppose what i wanted to be when i was young,they told me alot of Priest in the Clergy and im not for that so the 2nd option is to become a Lawyer but they think im subersive to be out of danger so they choose something for me...Yup to be a Nurse,in those days Nurse relates with Gays and to enrolled in Nursing is really humiliating and very feminine,and yes its true alot of Gays is there and you have all the Girls because out of 300 women 60 men and minus 20 harmless gays the remaining men is 40 meanins so many women so i enjoy being a nursing student,which in turn i did not feel it was 4 year course and finally a nursing graduate,took the board and pass?
Whats the relationship of this to you?Well its a big thing because if you graduate your commerce course if you desire to take CPA Exam and pass did you know you will earn more than anyone else?so think well and do what best for you.
Keep in touch and set your goal.

it's usually hard to deal with people who are not like you, those with different interests, and especially those shallow ones but just try to adapt. :)