An English Class Letter To Margaret Fuller, 19th Century Feminist

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Cheyenne, WY 82001

January 8, 2013

Missus Margaret Fuller
1259 Arling Lane
Portain, Massachusetts 43010

Dear Madame Fuller;

Recently I had been wondering if you would be satisfied with how our society is turning out, mainly because while we have, as women, secured our right to vote and hold office, women seem to have lost much of the respect they once had. Yes, as hard as that may be to believe, we have even less respect than we once did. A woman’s body, once thought of as delicate and in need of coverings and protection, has become the best form of advertising in the industry. Naked or bikini-clad women are everywhere, from posters to movies to newspapers; they sell everything from food to alcohol to family games. And indeed, it’s working. We now have a saying for it- “Sex sells.”

In fact, your old trend of selling products for women who are “too skinny” to plump up would be simply absurd in this day and age. Diet and weight loss supplements are rampant, and we are experiencing a disturbing trend in adolescent girls, and even preadolescent girls (they seem to fall into this trap younger every year). The disorder, known as Anorexia, has a pretty name for an ugly condition. Mrs. Fuller, Girls are starving themselves to fit into what society is telling them is acceptable- literally starving themselves! A size twelve in pants or skirts, which seemed perfectly acceptable in your day, is an easy way to have yourself ostracized today. The Ideal Size now is somewhere between zero and four.

Women have taken up positions in the government. We have held seats in senate, been secretary of state, and become CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies. We can attend private universities, and hold traditionally male jobs, like doctors. However, on average, women still only make $0.79 per dollar a man makes, and own only about 30% of private property in the United States. We have not yet become president of the U.S., and I fear we won’t take that rank for many years to come, because as women lose respect, people like you, Madame Fuller, are treated worse and worse. We would call you a feminist, but in this time, the word “Feminist” is thought of as an insult a majority of the time. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no, I don’t believe you would be satisfied with how things have turned out.


Miss Alyssa Rodriguez
MissAmsr MissAmsr
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013