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My education is extremely important to me and I have been taking it all very seriously, but when I was fifteen I didn't take it as seriously as I should have. The result was I lost a year. I got into a situation which meant my parents wanted me to go to a Jewish school for a time, especially to take counselling from our rabbi.

So, I am nineteen (I'll be twenty in late March- the sixth day of Pesach this year) and I am still studying for my baccalaureat. My parents have agreed I can go to university if my results are good enough. I want to study philosophy. I find it fascinating to study the thoughts and wisdom men have gathered from their musings on various things, and I am particularly drawn to Jewish philosophy and to Jewish wisdom. In my spare time I read alot about the Kabbalah, which involves an indepth study of works like the Book of Zohar, said to have been written by the patriarch Abraham.

My baccalaureat studies are going well, and I am enjoying being among the oldest students in my college.
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Wow good for you!