Growing Into The Lifestyle

I didn't wake up one morning and decided that I wanted to be a slave when I grow up. It was a process that evolved over many years from my puberty years all the way up to now. And it is still evolving.
I was brought up to think for myself. Somewhere I began being fascinated with spanking and some sort of bondage. My first "dominant" boyfriend was Klaus (see related story). I learned a lot from him about just to let go and submit. I saw movies, read books and visited places in Rome and Alabama and Mississippi, where they kept slaves. I always felt in a strange way "at home". I could not explain it. I was in relationships that were pure vanilla and it was no good. We just didn't jive. It wasn't until I met Master John, after I had moved to the west coast. I learned that being just a submissive was no longer good enough. He made demands that went way past anything I ever thought of doing. It was one thing answering the door in the nude for the pizza delivery guy, it was quite another being told to leave the apartment totally nude and go downtown. Just because I am a slave, or at that time I was a slave novice, doesn't mean I cannot voice my concerns. Master listened took me to the area around Folsom Street and showed me that I was safe from arrest walking around nude in public. It wasn't my thing to do, but I acknowledged that if Master wants to show me off, I had to do it - so I did.
When I was 12 and a bit older I had a best friend in England. We were both into spanking and would spank each other. Sometime with a cane, sometimes with a belt and sometimes with just a switch. It was the beginning of my training to tolerate pain. My time with Klaus strengthened it and over the past several years I have gone through quite some extensive "pain-management-training".
I have now reached that crossroad in my life, where I will need to decide if I want to make a permanent commitment to this lifestyle.
There will be a friend of Master who is authorized to marry us. My family will be present at the bequest of Master. In lieu of a ring exchange, I will be branded with Master's initials.
slave82782 slave82782
31-35, F
May 11, 2012