Yes, I am a submissive. But so is my husband.

We've been discussing the D/s lifestyle on and off for several months. I discovered it first and began researching, and immediately wanted my husband to become my Dom.

Easier said than done!

So, after months of research, reading, experimenting and whatnot, I've decided that in our relationship, I am the more dominant one.

EP, meet your newest Domme!

I mean sub.

Oh well...it at least should be interesting!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Have you ever considered getting a bull to dominate you both? I only ask because it seems that with you both being clearly submissive, it could raise the level of connection you felt if you were "owned together". I've known some couples where this was the perfect solution (and know of a couple situations where it just wasn't for them......but I suspect it was worth trying to find out for sure).