I just want to please daddy. I want him to come home from work to the hot meal his little girl cooked for him... Then once daddy is seated, I want to crawl underneath the dinner table and suck my daddy while he enjoys the food I made him. Hear him say what a good daughter I am
daddyslittlegirl01 daddyslittlegirl01
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4 Responses Sep 1, 2014

Mmmm.....who wouldn't love to have a daddies girl like you ;)

You sound like such a good girl, daddy would be so pleased with you...make sure you got the attention that you crave

That's really a very nice behavior for a good little daughter :-). I would appreciate it very much to have such a good little girl :-). Do you have a daddy who you can please :-)?!?

that's ******* hot I would love that hun!