It speaks to my heart. It speaks to my soul.
All the worries, responsibilities, fears, power struggles... Gone when I fall at your feet.

Stripping, bent over, bared to you.

I start to crumble. That hard exterior... Melting as you whip.

The inner little girl begging for forgiveness. The naughtiness... Brattiness... Dwindling away. You ***** me down to my core... The passion, the need.. So deep.

Use me, then tell me what a good girl I am for you.

Feeling the warmth spread... Everywhere.

I ask you to fill me. I ask for your warmth to be given fully to the one who submits.

Take me. Hold me. Save me.
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

what you have expressed here is both deep and beautiful...your words, your very heart cannot help but to Move those who read them.

... Wow , reeding this, is as if I was there