Being Submissive,

For me, so much of my life I was in control. When it came to my family, I was the one always having to make the phone calls, I was the one always having to do the inviting, "care if I come over, care if we do this." At work, I became a manager, and I was calling all the shots there too. Okay, we need to do this, we need to do that, etc. At home, I was also calling the shots, we need to do this, we need to get this done, lets go out and do this, etc.

So, I was in control in every area of my life.

Except, there was one area I refused to take control in, and that was with my sex life. I think part of it, in the beginning, was because I was so inexperienced. I didn't know all the positions that could possibly happen, or what my other partners truly enjoyed the most. I wanted them to show me. If my partner shows me what pleasures him, I want to be able to master that. But I also then know he's enjoying himself.

For me, sex, is about pleasuring the other person. That is a huge reason as to why I like my partner to take control. He takes control of me, he calls the shots, then I know for damn sure it's going to be one enjoyable journey.

For so much of my life, in the beginning years, I had a LOT OF BAD SEX. I always knew I was better in bed than what I was getting. But I did not want to be the one taking the control in the bedroom. There was something very pleasurable in my partner taking the control. Something very turn onish with a man bending me over and wanting me in such a way I've never experienced before. Something very pleasurable in a man pushing me up against a wall until he can't handle himself anymore. I want him to take me, take all of me. That is the one way I truly know he is truly into me.

Dominate me baby. Dominate me.
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I agree with you.... Being Submissive to my Master, allows me to release all the pent up stress from my daily life, and allows me to go to other places in my head. He knows when i go there that i don't stay long, its my way of relaxing.
I love not being in control, but i do admit I love to be in control in bed at times. and Master knows when I need to be in control. He has taught me to let go of all the bad things that happened to me by other men, and he has taught me that it's ok to lose control. That he will not do anything that him and i have discussed.

Come to
Me please surrender to me if u don't I will take it and make u beg for it back

I'm w/ya 100 percent! It's as if I wrote that story.

No doubt about that - sex is about pleasuring the other person....period. +1 for you

this is a good thing. My experience is parallel but different. i am also always in control of home, business, money, employees, decisions at work, travel. And it goes right on into sex.I want to control. i want to push the woman, i want to cause the woman to be embarrassed at her pleasure. i want to lead her into things she wouldn't think of herself doing, under me asking for this smack or tweak. Begging a bit. Yet my control is a lot like your thrill comes from the lady's saatisfaction. i like to get everything she's got. only then do i finish.

get over here baby, and bend over now!