I am very submissive in bed. Only has a brief experience beige my ex left. Has always been a long time fantasy of mine. Would love to be able to explore this more. Have never been spanked, submitted to a alpha male, or tried any type of anal, with myself on the receiving end. How maybe someday, I'll be able to explore more and truly give myself to a dominant female, or dominant couple. But, am willing to learn form and , fully submit to, and try and what I'm told.
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I'm a sub to a Master who is bi. You will find your desires and use them when the right person comes.

Yes, true. But for now, only having a little taste of my submission, and now nothing, has left me hungry to explore and learn more about of what I have only sampled. Thank you.

I knew I was soft and do as asked in bed but never thought sub dom. I had not long split from my ex boyfriend who I was with from age 16 for 26 years when I got chatting to a guy on here who said about it. My ex was controlling in bed and out so you imagine what I said lol

Now we are sub and master but only in real life we can not do it online. We live in different countries but quite close to each other so we do visit.

That really nice. Do you find it hard to have a long distance relationship?
Personally, I have been a long distance relationship, and didn't find it to difficult. I'm a workaholic, so most of my time is spent at work. And for the girl I was seeing, she works graveyard. So because of our different in work hours, it work for us. At least until I found out she was getting married of coarse. LOL!!

That's not nice of her.
We both work for ourselves so we can meet. He is honest that I know .

That good. I wish the two of you continuous love and happiness.

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