I Am A Submissive Male, But Now Just A Slave

From an early age, I was smacked into a Submissive and to do as people told me to do. Always older people, I married my pen pal and put that life behind me. But once, I think. Trained at an early age it becomes part of you and you do the things for that is part of your training, it like putting a car into auto. But my wife, just leaves it for me to do, the housework ect and never says anything. That makes me feel lonely and a slave.
intelpavil intelpavil
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

Thank you for your comments, my wife is not dominate, she just wants some one like her father, that did all for her mother and her own way in everything. Trying to talk to her, is like talking to a brickwall. I do not know, what sex is any more. She change a lot, in the pass ten years, When she almost die from gangrene. Which started all of it and the change in me. Due to bring back, memorys of the past. I am under therapy now, maybe it will help in time. But only time will tell.