I Am Submissive

We've been teasing one another by way of email the past few weeks and tomorrow (January 8) this whole thing comes to fruition.

Beginning at approximately 11 AM, all of my clothing will be removed, I will have both a blindfold and a leather hood that zips and buckles closed, made to lie on a bed, wear leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles them chained to the bed frame.

Part of the other particulars are that, using her words, "I will tickle the **** out of you," and "I want your **** down my throat."

The language has been very graphic and has given me intense pleasure as I have read it again and again.

I will have to author a part 2 when the deed has been completed. I'm hard just thinking about it.
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It's very true! Now to rest up so I can write about this.

looking forward to reading

Make sure to bring those things, when you *** to visit me.

I can't wait to get there!