My Wife Has Slowly Taken Over Everything During The Past 14 Years

It started off around the 2nd year with her getting me thongs instead of regular underwear because she said "they make your butt look cute". Since I like sex and have never been too worried about appearanced, I wore them. Ever since then it is been a series of small things which gradually given her all the power and has made me into her willing and very loving slave. I have only recently become very aware of just how far this has gone.

Here are steps I encountered in sequence during the past 14 years: replaced my underwear with thongs; physically shoved me and told me to be quiet when I argues over toys that I thought we too dangerous for the kids, made me get her name tattooed on my bum, sent me to the spa for facials, got me a tshirt that says "easy to operate and use", bought a new car for herself and keeps me driving the old one, took me to the doctor to get a vasectomy, grabbed my balls after vasectomy and said "now you are REALLY mine", stopped giving me ******** and always makes me go down on her, took over all of the finances and gives me cash when she thinks I will need some despite the fact I make all the money and quite a lot at that, leaves me at home with kids 5 nights a week while she goes out, makes me clean the house because she is always too busy and simply refuses to do it, made me start seeing he hair dresser, made me grow my hair very long and girly, had my eyebrows trimmed, told me during sex "Ohhh... I need MORE of this. You are not hitting my spot like you used to. I have some other guys in mind. There is nothing you can do about it.", had me lick her *** hole, tells me to shut up and rub her feet when I complain about her throwing stuff on the floor which I of course have to pick up, told me that if I don;t stop being bitchy she is going to **** me in the *** with a *******, started smothering me with her breasts during foreplay, took humiliating picutres of me naked except for a thing with my long girly hair, sent me to the gym with my hair up in a girly ponytail and a orange hair band and told me "You look cute!".

What's next I wonder?
vincenzacuck vincenzacuck
41-45, M
May 17, 2012