Two Weeks In A Chastity Device Is A Long Time - My Wife Wants To Tell People I Wear One

I have been posting recent changes in my relationship with my wife. I could post more of the same from the last two weeks. My wife went on a trip with her lover, she had sex with him, and she continues to dominate me. Her lover has not requested sex with me since the first time he took me two weeks ago. My life with my wife has returned to somewhat of a regular pattern. We both work, I cook and clean, I take care of the bills and errands. She goes out as she pleases, her lover comes over at her convenience (she had a visit from mother nature last week which gave those visits a pause). The one other constant has been the chastity device that I now wearing for the fourteenth consecutive day. I would lying to say it has not been off at all, my wife has unlocked me three times to clean it and reapply it, each time I was in her presence consecutively and there was no contact from her or myself on my ****. She has not really teased me about it too much, and she has had me go down on her three times since it has been on for this long duration.

Other than her lover, no one else really knows I wear the chastity device. I have been humiliated in front of her friends before, but overall she has kept a lot of her dominance private. She told me last night that we need to take the nature of our relationship more public, and she wants to start by telling her close friends about my chastity device. I have gently protested (I know the consequences of fully disagreeing) but she has about made up her mind. Two of her friends are coming over for drinks after work today, and I am afraid this is the day my wife takes another step to fully owning me, inside of our home and now in public.

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very hot. i hope she makes your status known to all. what did your wife's lover do to you?