My Bbw Wife Flirts With A Saleswoman (??), Then Teases Me As I Pleasure Her - Is This A Trend?

For the last three weeks my wife has been more sexual than normal. Not necessarily with me, as our pattern of me pleasuring her and her ignoring my needs has remained in place. What has changed is that she is making a more outward display of her sexuality and being way more flirty than ever before. My wife has enjoyed casually flirting with our new neighbor across the street. When he is outside she likes to talk to him in what I call her sexy voice (lower register while batting her eyes), and she has recently dressed with increasingly tighter and more revealing clothes. Believe me, her *** is amazing in the leather pants that she wears at least twice a week now.

Friday night she wanted to go our to Longhorn Steakhouse, and we ate around 8pm. She told me she wanted to go somewhere different, and for the first time in a long while we went to an adult movie/toy shop. We looked around for a while, picked her up a new vibe and various lotions and lubes. My wife seemed to be looking for something in particular, and she smiled as a somewhat goth woman stepped behind the counter. She told me she was ready to check out, but waited until the shop was almost clear before going to the counter.

I did not catch the first part of the conversation, as I was trying to fish out my credit card for the purchase. I tuned in to her my wife telling the saleswoman how hot her picture on the website was. It was a little surprising to see how far my wife was leaning over the counter to speak with her, as her low cut shirt showed most of her ample cleavage. I was not certain as to how the saleswoman was taking this, but she kept talking to my wife. I got distracted by the person behind us for a moment, and I heard the saleswoman tell my wife - "let me now how that works for you" as she bagged the vibe up. Could have been harmless, but my wife put on a sultry smile and told her she would stop back by and let her know.

We stopped and got some ice cream on the way home, she had a double scoop chocolate sundae while I had a fat free one scoop. We were back only a minute before she hit the shower. Although she had taken a cool shower, her body was beyond warm as she got on the bed. I enjoyed kissing her lower back and then focused on giving her massage to her legs and ***. She rolled over and spread out, and taking the cue I pleasured her for quite a while, taking my time doing so.

My wife talked more than usual during the session, as she mentioned that she saw a store calendar with the saleswoman in it and wanted to check her out. I asked why, and she told me she thought she was hot. She then told me that she had recently fantasized about having a woman eating her out while I licked her ***. That turned me on and I went to town on her honeypot, and she had a giant ******. I got out the new vibe and lubed it as she rolled over. She continued to talk about how hot the woman was as I licked her ***, telling me that if she brought her home her honeypot would be hers for the night I would only get to lick her ***. With that I buried the vibe in her tight ***, and her massaged her **** to another climax.

She was exhausted, and I took the rare opportunity to slowly rub her *** while I jerked off. She was already asleep when I had my climax.
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Sep 23, 2012