Watching My Bbw Wife Eat, Listen To Her Flirt On The Phone, Then Licking Her ***

Despite my wife's recent confession that she was interested in pursing a lesbian lover, she really has not moved on it in earnest yet. She was made some comments, pointed out some women she finds attractive, and teased me about it. Other than me not being able to lick or touch her honeypot, not much as changed (believe me, watching her pleasure herself almost makes up for it). Yesterday saw some progress in her new efforts.

After putting up the last decorations for our upcoming Christmas party at our home, I came in to find my gorgeous woman sitting on our coach. She was on the phone, laughing and giggling while also enjoying a large plate of cheese, crackers, and grapes. It was obvious to me she was talking to another woman and potential lover by the high pitch of her voice. I took her plate after a few minutes, and cleaned up in the kitchen while she finished talking.

She joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later and told me she had plans for the evening. At eight o'clock she would be meeting Sandra at a downtown bistro for a late dinner before heading to a club. I had not heard of Sandra, but I knew by the excitement in my wife's voice that she was getting ready for a date. She spent some time in our room picking through clothes and getting make-up together.

The thought of the date must have gotten her pretty excited as she called me in to the bedroom after a while. She was visibly excited and partially undressed. As I moved in to kiss her neck she gestured at our nightstand dresser. I got out her vibrator and lubed it as I kissed at her now bare chest. She was out of her panties before I got more than a moment on her breasts. As is one of her favorite routines, she positioned herself on two body pillows so her *** was elevated. By the time I got down her to incredible *** she was rubbing her **** with the vibrator. I plunged my tongue into her ***, and forcefully pushed my tongue in and out. Almost in perfect sync she pounded her honeypot with the vibrator, moaning as she ****** herself. It only took a short while for her to have a massive ******. I was tempted to lick her *** clean, but obeying the rules I gave her *** one last lick and moved away so she could recover.

She went out as planned, and came back home around six thirty this morning. She took a shower shortly after coming in, and went to sleep around nine o'clock. I can't wait to hear the details of last night when she gets up.
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Dec 16, 2012