My Bbw Wife Teases Me About Her Lesbian Lover As I Pleasure Her

For the last few weeks my large and lovely wife has been seeing her new lover, Gina. It started with her going out on a secret date and then showing up early in the morning. I expected to hear all about it, but she did not share any details (and told me to mind my business when I asked. Three days later she stayed up most of the night on Skype with the mystery woman. It was almost ten days before she started to talk about her.

Gina works as a department manager of a local supermarket chain. She was married when she was young, but divorced young, has no children and is a butch lesbian. I was surprised that my strong wife choose to see a strong woman, but she told me that it is very relaxing to be submissive to a powerful person. She was seen her on eight occasions now, and this past Wednesday she spent the night at her apartment.

With this sudden change, I asked my wife if she was in love with Gina. My wife just laughed and said now. She explained that it is an almost purely sexual attraction, and that she could not see herself living full time with a woman. She told me that she loves me, even with me being a soft weak willed man.

Even though I realize that my wife is now having regular sex with a woman, that has not halted her sex drive in our home. We have had sex at least a dozen times in the past two weeks, and she has let me **** her tight *** three times in that time period. Her new favorite thing to do is to talk down to me when I am licking her ***. She will tell me how her vibrator is the same size as the ******* that Gina uses to **** her honeypot. Twice she has positioned herself on the other end of our bed and ****** herself with her vibrator as I **********. Both times she climaxed as she told me that Gina ***** her in a way I never could. And both times I came based on those comments.
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Jan 20, 2013