My Strict Wife

Well, first off - my Wife made me join this group when she stumbled upon this group.  Still, it feels good to be amongst people who share the same lifestyle as we do ...

We got married 10 years ago and very soon after it was clear who the boss was in our marriage.  It took us a while to figure out what to do with this new-found wisdom about ourselves - she being dominant and a control freak, me being the submissive one.  So, we soon came up with the idea to create a contract (which we called a 'supplement to our marriage certificate'; it actually was signed by a notary of my Wife's choice).  In it, we stated that my Wife will forever have control over everything related to our marriage, finances, household, leisure time ... and you name it.  And me, being the one staying home with the kids as well as doing all the house chores.  Several times a month my Wife would invite some friends over (colleagues, couples, etc ...) and visit with them, serving tea and cake while she bossed me around to do chores.  Not only once was I chuckled at by our visitors, especially by men.  One of them actually took me aside one day, to 'set me straight', so he said.  He thought it was painful for him to watch how much of a wimp my Wife wants to turn me into.

Anyways, we lived by our contract, no matter what.  She is the head of our family, the boss.  She has 100% control over my activities, duties and our all finances.  She's the one with the last word.  She knows, she's superior and she would not hesitate a second to show it to the world.

Over the years she's developed a much greater liking in her role as she met a few other dominant women in our community.  Together they would exchange their thoughts and ideas and share their stories.  She became utterly confident and comfortable.

I should add that she is physically very strong.  She could take down any (non-athletic) man with ease, and I think she wouldn't hesitate to do so.  As for me, I'm much taller then her, not really skinny, but stand no chance when it gets physical.

And physical it does get every now and then.  There were those two incidents at parties, where she had a pint of beer or two, she'd get very provocative toward me. She'd start telling people how weak of a man I was, etc ... simply put, she humiliated me.  She enjoyed that, utterly.  Of course, I dared to speak back at her, trying to defend my male pride; I'd say 'come on, you're a woman ... I am a man ...' , or something like that.  All she said was 'Oh yeah?' and next thing I knew was her squeezing my head in an enormously strong and tight headlock.  She'd then proceeded to actually wrestle me in front of everyone with the result of me submitting to her, big surprise. 

However, this changed through the course of the last couple of years.  She doesn't seem to enjoy it as much anymore to show off her strength over me.  Instead, she started to punish me. Both, verbally and physically.  She never liked the idea of using punishing tools (with the exception of a belt); she has no problem using her hands, and once even her fist. 

Having said all that - she is still a loving, caring and just Wife and mother.  If I happen to cross the line (which is nicely drawn out in our contract), or to disobey one of her orders ... well, then she gets mad.

I love my role, even though it isn't easy sometimes, especially in public.  I would not trade my place as a submissive husband with anyone in the world.  And I know my Wife thinks the same way.

Thanks for letting me be part of this group.

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It looks like your wife has the right idea i think we have a lot in common.

I am also owned by my Mistress wife and we have a signed contract granting her total control of me, our marriage, finances andin reality our lives. i love serving her and have never been happier. i am also a sissy who wears panties 24/7 and only wears womans clothing though many of my shirts, shorts and jeans can pass for mens. i have not been allowed to have sex with Mistress for about four years, she has boyfriends for that, and am allowed to ********** when i earn the right.

yes that is how it is with most men in relationship like that<br />
i am a sissy slave to my wife she is in control<br />
she has me in chastity an in panties she contols our sex life most of it is oral she does not like my small member much atall<br />
she will oder me o perform on her when she wants anytime anyplace<br />
she will have some friends oer at times wich is hard to get use to at the start since im in panties only on weekend doing my house work<br />
but its our life an we enjoy it an our friends

Eu acho que você precisa de ajuda psicologica, vocês nem sabem qual é o papel de cada um nessa relação, não existe amor e nem respeito, há uma disputa de quem vai ser o homem, ninguém quer ser a mulher, isso pode ser qualquer coisa, menos um casamento, conheço cachorros da rua que são mais amados. boa sorte, vou torcer para que você se livre dessa situação antes de se suicidar.

AROUSE THE MAN N its easy to control him ...

I find it intersting how love and confusion can allow people to subject themselves to things that will allow themselves to be lost. These men being lost as husband, friend and lover within the marriage seems to make you wonder how can a person feel all the emotions that the loved shared, the lust shared and the friendship shared can only assist to make one grow as a person, man, husband and father. I also have to wonder with children involved, where does the child see an example of a father that makes them feel safe and where does the child get information to balance out the emotional confusion that they may never understand was given to them by their parents. <br />
<br />
As I am sure these thoughts presented may not be the right on, great thing to try and boy, your husband is lucky to be in comments that people seem to make. It maybe a bit of you don't know what you talking about comments when you read this, yes, that is interesting when I read from your words that their is no real communication between husband and wife, just her rules that have allowed her husband and lover to not be really be her partner, but part of the hired help.<br />
<br />
So how does a man grow to the man he is suppose to be if he has stopped being in an environment that he was designed to be in? These are very interesting questions to ponder and no you don't need to show me how great it can be to be controlled by a women. That isn't the nature of the dna providing these most interesting question? May time be with you that reads my questions and ponders. May you find love, luck, lust and a way to love your best friend in the world. May you always look to offer a caring thought that allows those around to grow. Lastly, may you take that moment time gave you to put your lover first.

There is no reason for abuse. There is no reason than sadism for public humiliation either. It is an agreement within the marriage.Was that in the suppliment? I think not.<br />
<br />
The rest, I whole-heartedly agree. you are where you belong, My husband is and if, just if, he should require punishment from a public indescretion. It takes one look from me and he knows he will suyffer for it when W/we get home. I run My home liek a well-oiled machine. Children as well as husband. Children when they were here of course, I loved and love them all dearly and W/we had a very happy time of it. william and I still do. BUT there are rules and W/we certainly did not require a supplimentary agreement to marriage. W/we agreed be fore W/we wed on how I was going to run the home and family and finances and everything else. Love and friendship and all those things are what hold U/us together. But I run a tight ship and he will maintain My satndrads.<br />
<br />
I would love to talk to your Wife.<br />
<br />
regards,<br />
<br />

It's great to see somebody who doesn't like 100% of the femdon relationship but still apprecaites that for him it's better than vanilla

My husband is my French maid It does all the house work and does all the cooking and supermarket shopping dressed like a woman Not much fun for it gets regularly punished and beaten if I am not satisfied with its work It cannot speak to me at all Unless I ask it a question As you now realise "IT" has no name nor has it any money other than what I give it to do the shopping -I am the one who works at my business while its at home doing housework etc It has a contract describing its duties and that I own it fully It does what I say or its out the door gone for ever.<br />
Maybe you should tell your wife about this if you are genuine. What ever you are just another submisive wimp<br />
Madam Joanna

This is my dream relationship. I live in Washington state, near Spokane