I'm A Panty Boy

I'm a panty boy, my wife is a total Femdom queen and I live to serve her. It all started slowly, some years ago. I was a studly construction worker but over time Domina slowly trained me to be her *** swallowing *****. First she had me wearing panties, then nighties, then I was tattoed in the pelvic region with her name, then told to get a nipple ring. I now have to keep the pelvic region shaved always.  I do most of the housework and chores, gocerie shopping and cooking and laundry.My Domina Usually will tell me what color panty  should wear daily and on cleaning day's i must wear my sissy maid outfit or be nude. Domina takes me shopping in womens stores for new panties when I'm a good lil princess Latey Femdom has made me her *** **** by forcing me to swallow my own ***..But thats only when she feels like letting me ***. most times I'm in chastity.. 

blkirish blkirish
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Well done, blk. I'm blithefully headed down the same path.