Pet Girl

When my husband married me it was understood that he woould from then on own me, that I was his to do with as he pleased. What was his pleasure was to keep me as one would keep a pet. He collared me, lept me on a leash, trained me as any animal is trained, As a good pet I come when called and obey his commands. I am eager to please, bask in his praise when I have performed well and feel shamed and humiliated when he is forced to punish me. He has a cage that he keeps me in from time to time and when he takes me places I'm put in a kennel carrier in the back of the truck. My life is controlled by permissions and privelages granted. My only freedom is to please my Master with my obedience.

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Wonderful story

I love pets but I am allergic to cats and dogs but a pet like you would be just ideal. You can be assured that as my pet you would have the best of everything. your husband is very lucky man

Is HE a good MASTER is HE happy with you I hope your a good slave

Dear Rachelle,<br />
Get the picture. How does it feel to live like that? I mean for you.

I part of me likes this but I'm not sure i could live like that 24/7

I too am jealous.

so glad you are so happy with your life... and that he treats you well, have you had any good adventures to share with us ??.......... add me as a friend please

I would love to have what you have but sadly i live in the real world i hope you really are happy.

You need to get away from him and get a real life!!!

its so nice to hear how well your husband treats you, and i fell so jealous of how you are treated. I am also so happy to hear how happy you are serving him as a pet. I hope you have more fun times together! ^w^

I'm surprised about your obedience and fidelity, is nice to now there are pets like you and I'm very jealous of your master.<br />
<br />
Still I would like to know what was the most difficult to accomplish task he ever gave you

I don't think I would want to be transported in a kennel but I would love for my husband to take control of me but I think he's even more submissive than I am...lA SIGHHHHHHHHHHH

He's so lucky to have such an obedient pet like you.