The thing that gives me the most pleasure is pleasuring others. I spend hours and hours licking my gf's feet and *****. I love it when she's on edge and pulls my hair. I can hardly breath then, but knowing that she is having an ****** makes me forget about everything.

There was always a bit of a gap of sexuality between us. Not that it is a bad thing. I love to do everything for other's pleasure, while she's reluctant to e.g. suck me. She sees it as a task. But she loves it that I fulfill all her fantasies and likes me introducing new ones.

Last weekend I was cycling and I came along a pet shop. The topics about collars op EP crossed my mind and I doubted. I must have passed the shop ten times, when I finally decided to go in. Having found the right size and type of collar, I payed and went home. Three days later I showed my gf. She found it awkward at first, but she liked the idea that I wear it to be reminded of her. She collared me and now it is a part of our daily life. When I come home I put it on and when I leave, I take it off.

The vocabulary has shifted too. I'm her pet and she is my master. She trains me by throwing stuff away and me fetching it, or by cycling and letting me run behind her. I like it :). Maybe I should pass by the shop and buy a dog's drinking bowl.

Btw: You can see my collar in my profile pictures.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Yeah, my Mistress calls me "puppy", and i get to wear a collar and pleasure her when i've been good. There is nothing better than knowing you are loved by someone so wonderful, and that She is comfortable owning me.