Becoming A Sissy Maid

   A dominant I knew asked me to dress as a maid and serve at a party he was throwing. I was thrilled at the idea of exposing myself as a cross dresser, in a maid uniform that proclaimed my submissive nature, under such controlled conditions. After all I wouldn't be dressed in public really, which still scared me somewhat, and the guests at the party would be accepting of my cross dressing or my friend wouldn't be asking me to serve at this particular party.
               I arrived at his place two hours early as instructed. Entering the garage I crossed to the bench at the front and removed my clothing till I stood there naked, then knocked at  the door to let him know I was ready to be inspected. I stepped back onto a small mat and stood with my hands clasped behind my back and my head bowed. I waited for ten minutes and was starting to shiver before he opened the door and came into the garage to do the inspection. He checked my nails to make sure they were shaped femininely, my legs and body to make sure I was smooth and hairless and after tapping my penis to soften it enough he locked me into a chastity device to keep it that way. This device also held my testicles pushed up into my body to create a more feminine effect and make it seem like I had a mound rather then what was really there. At this point he took out a white collar to place around my neck that had Sissy stenciled in pink on the front. He attached a leash and led me into the house.
              Letting go of the leash he instructed me in how to set things up for the party and what to do to fully prepare for his guests. After that was done he removed the collar so I could shower and scent my body to his liking. He watched as I applied my make up and did my nails in the classic French style he wanted, commenting and correcting me several times till both were done to his liking.I was left to wait till my nails had dried properly then instructed on how to style my hair in fairly tight curls. Finally he led me into a spare bedroom and smiled as he showed me the maid uniform spread across the top of the bed. First to go on were seamed sheer black nylons. I shivered as i felt them encase my smooth legs and felt my **** twitch enough to feel the dull points surrounding it ease it back to softness. I knew I was going to have to get used to that happening all night. A lacy white satin waist nipper with garters was the second item I put on. He adjusted the back laces till my waist was three inches smaller and it looked like I actually had curves and hips. He smiled as he lifted two small locks from the dresser and attached them to the top and bottom of it. I shivered in excitement knowing that no matter what he would be in complete control of me and I wouldn't be able to renege and change out of the feminine things I was being dressed in. 
              From the top of the dresser he took two medium sized breast forms. Two small clamps on their bottom were clamped to my nipples then the forms were glued to my chest. He led me a few steps in one direction then back and as the forms jiggled on my chest I was very aware of their movement as every jiggle was transmitted directly to my nipples. He told me it was the next best thing to actually having real breasts and he expected I would enjoy having them on. I already did. A matching white lace longline half cup bra went over the breast forms and he tightened the laces until I could barely breathe then adjusted the forms till they were just barely held inside the half cups by the prominent nipples inside the lace trim. Another lock held the bra closed and I shivered again in excitement. Matching semi sheer panties covered my **** and held it tightly between my legs. I admired the feminine appearance of my body in the mirror and smiled widely.
             Four inch black heels with ankle straps were locked around my ankles as were black satin with white lace trimmed cuffs around my wrists. Finally the black satin with white lace trim short French maid dress was lifted over my head and locked in place. It barely covered the garter straps holding my nylons in place. When I stepped into the ruffled and highly starched petticoats and he adjusted them into place I discovered that the hemline was raised enough to uncover not only the tops of my nylons, the clips and half the length of the garter straps, the rest of my smooth bare thighs but as well any bending would leave my panties and smooth buns on display. The keyhole neckline left at least half of the breast forms in view and every step made them jiggle slightly. A black satin cap with white lace trim and the leashed collar completed the outfit I was to wear for the evening.
            I was told to practise walking in the heels and moving femininely while he got ready for the party and to let in any guests that might arrive early. None did. I served him a drink and waited by the archway leading into the party room. I felt half relaxed and at ease; at least till the bell rang the first time. I had to force myself to walk to the door on rubbery knees. My hands were shaking so bad I had trouble turning the knob and when I did get the door open I blushed so fiercely and stuttered so badly that his guests giggled before they came in. It took an hour before they all arrived but by then I had calmed down. I still blushed a lot, especially when I noticed someone looking at me but didn't stutter and my serving tray wasn't in danger of spilling all the drinks.
           I found myself to be very excited and constantly being softened by the points inside my chastity device. Nothing had ever affected me quite so completely as the outfit and the evening of being constantly on display did. Every minute I felt myself becoming more feminine and more submissive.   Every step augmented that with the jiggle of the breast forms.The tug and pull of my nylons, the stretch of the garter straps down my thighs, the way my heels made me stand and step, the rustle of the petticoats and their scratchy feel against my smooth skin overwhelmed me from time to time and I had to take deep breaths to regain control of myself. It wasn't helped by the curious hands and fingers that would touch me from time to time and stroke my nylon-ed thighs or the bare flesh left revealed and on display for them.
           The party seemed to last both a long time and no time at all. before I realised what was happening I was helping people into their coats and they were leaving. It didn't really diminish my excitement and enjoyment of the evening. Finally there was a small group of people left that seemed to be staying. They didn't want to miss the critique of my service.
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2 Responses Feb 1, 2012

Wonderful there is nothing quite like wearing a maid's uniform and being treated like one. I have done it for a week at a time on several occasions. Hard work but very satisfying

Wow, what a wonderful evening. You are a very lucky sissy gurl ;-)