I earned my first discipline this past Tuesday night.  I was upset with our daughters and lost track of time.  In my chaos and upset I forgot his rules.   I was to be on his bed in the master bedroom awaiting him when he returned home from work.  But I was not there.   I was cleaning the dinning room when he came in and  I hadn't gotten the things done he'd asked of me.   I guess part of me didn't think he'd actually follow through with a punishment.  But I was very wrong.   After the girls were asleep I was sent to the basement. I had to *****, place my hands upon my head and think about the events of the day as I awaited him. He came down some 20 minutes later or so and he told me how I had disappointed him.  He tied my hands behind my back and  made me kneel.  He grabbed my hair and made me suck on him...I tried so hard not to show him how much I was actually enjoying myself.  My enthusiasm must have shown because he made me stop (perhaps that was part of the discipline itself!) and then I received 10 strokes on my bare bottom with a wooden paddle. Then he spoke to me some more and turned me over his knee and gave me 15 more strokes with his bare hand against my bare bottom. We made up after that....mmmmm that was so...hot... 
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I really don't get this It is quite sad to me

can you add me?

Loved your story, I'm receiving my first belt whipping when master gets home, from being on the road, for forgetting to pay a bill. I don't think I will enjoy it, but I ask for it for punishment...

You needed a hell of alot more with a good paddle. 100 swats to start give that *** a good work over get it so the next day it was hard for you to sit.

a firm hand and control will always be a good guide.. Plus he knows how it affects you when you give up control.

Did you learn your lesson?

did you cry cause im sure i probably would have

Ok, cept this doesn't sound like "discipline" to me. Sounds like you enjoyed it! Not that I blame you, we seem to have similar tastes! When life gets too busy you just need to vent that stress, and your husband seems to have understood that!

It didn't seem like real punishment for you, though. You seemed to rather enjoy yourself. Doesn't this sort of tempt you to become a 'repeat offender'...?

Naughty Naughty!

I notice from these stories that women who do as they are told and obey their husbands/ masters seem to have more fun!

Bravo! Thanks for your story and all the details. I am just starting to adopt this submissive way of thinking so this gives me some ideas . . . making him Master . . . expecting to be disciplined when necessary . . . serving him in every way. I'm getting wet just thinking about it!

Great story. I've had to wait for sexual relaese before too. I would much rather have the paddle. Atleast it's over with after a few tears. But no release till the next night is torture!

Enjoyed the story very much...otk is so much more intimate...

hehehe Nom Nom Nom....I think Im going to read it again *nods nods nods*

Forced? Did I imply it was forced? Perhaps I may have... but trust me hon... I was enjoying myself and I can definitely say that he was enjoying himself with the paddling... hence the oral... but then he made me stop... ok now THAT was truly torture. He disciplined me another time by bringing be so close to an ****** and then denying me but having me suck him off... I wasn't allowed to *** until the next evening... wow. I'd rather be paddled!! And he has promised that I won't "enjoy" it the next time I need a paddling... He has a new paddle too... I've been Soooooo good lately because I'm not excited about meeting up with his new "trainer." However the thought of being taken over his knee...well... Mmmmmmmmmmm<br />
<br />

perhaps so.....<br />
<br />
Kris would not have forced the oral at that point... nor used the paddle on me. But being turned over the knee, skirt up, panties down... spanked... definitely... and I would have known that it was for my own good....

Yes SG I did deserve it... and perhaps enjoyed it more than I should have. lol<br />
<br />
Mewold, I'm glad you enjoyed the reading of it... tis why we share yes?<br />
<br />

You had a great time. He had a great time. And I had a great time reading about it. Thank you.

you definitely deserved His spanking! No question about that.