Nadia's Submissive Girlfriend

Nadia is my girlfriend. I love her with all of my being. We have shared our lives for almost two years now. She is the most beautiful person in the world. She looks at me and sees me; others look and see something else - I don't always know what they see.

Recently Nadia was on an assignment in Darwin and I flew up there to spend a couple of nights with her. She had just signed a new contract and she paid for me to go.

We went to bed as soon as I got to her suite and later, we went out for a few drinks. I don't drink a lot and alcohol affects me quickly. Nadia gave me an E and we both took one.
Later she said we should do a movie and I followed along blissfully. We entered the theater and took seats in the middle of a row and about midway to the screen. Nadia stood up quickly saying she would be back in a minute Seats were filling quite quickly and a guy sat to my left. Just as I saw the shape of Nadia coming down the aisle anothe guy sat to my right which left only one seat to his right.

No problems, I thought; Nadia will ask him to move up one seat and all will be fine. But Nadia didn't do that. She simply reached over and squeezed my shoulder and gently said "Its OK, Kitten".

Certainly not what I was expecting and not what I would call annice evening. We settled back to watch the movie. I had no idea what it was. The E was having a strange affect on me. I wished Nadai was sitting next to me , holding my hand like she does in the movies.

I began watching the movie and couldn't believe was a mid level ***** movie and all of a sudden I felt Nadia and I were the only females in the world - apart from one on the screen who was busy copping a feel of a guy in a bar. I watched the screen and tried to make it look like I wasn't watching. I felt a thousand eyes on me from all directions but I couldn't help but look. The girl was stroking the guy in a public bar. No one seemed to take any notice of them.

I must have watched the screen intently for 15 minutes or so. Nadia reached across the guy between us and grasped my right wrist. She gently squeezed it and then brought it over towards her face. She kissed my hand and before I knew what she was doing she lowered it to the guys lap and forced it straight onto his fully erect penis. She used both her hands to keep mine in place. My weak struggles were useless and eventually she loosend her grasp a little and started stroking the guy with my hand.
It wasn't so bad when I look back at it. His penis was strange. I mean, it was big, it was as hard as steel and yet it felt silky smooth. It was actually nice to hold.

Before long Nadia dropped one of her hands away from mine and lowered it under his balls. She was "helping" me to stroke the guy and massaging his balls with her other hand. It was surreal. I din't want to do it but I couldn't stop. I felt his pulse through his penis. It felt like a base drum. He stfifened his back, arching it back a little and I felt the surge of his stuff welling up inside his penis. Nadia squezzed my hand closed around his shaft and I felt the pressure pusshing upwards against my fingers.

Nadia let go of my hand and my fingers recoiled from his shaft as the pressure was released. I could catually see it in the dim glow of the theater. It spurted up and out off his engorged penis and spurted all over the front of his shirt. I'm sure it actually reached his face.

nadia stood up quickly and grabbed my wrist again. She whispered to the guy that we would be back in a minute and she almst dragged me out along the aisle. As I left, the guy that had moved into the seat on my left ran his hand up and between my legs from behind -copping a feel of my very moist *****.

We left the theater and quickly lost ourselves in the Darwin streets. We both laughed a lot about the guy and his shirt.

Nadia does these sorts of things to me from time to time. I don't even do the initial struggle anymore. Nadia like it and I'll do anything for her. Anything at all.


gemacarly gemacarly
Jul 7, 2010