My Relationship With My Dominant Husband

i recently answered a question about how i first met the man who in time would become my Husband, Lord and Master. This was my answer of how our relationship developed and blossomed which my Master has asked me to share here. i hope you find it interesting and insightful and feel free to ask anyquestions :)

We were first introduced at a play party that a swinger friend of mine dragged me along to. i was going through a dry spell after a series of bad relationships and having noticed my natural submissive streak my friend thought i should give it a go. i was more than reluctant at first what with my inexperience and ignorance. However, i got talking to lots of people at this party and was eventually introduced to my future Husband and Master. We hit it off straight away and started chatting and even flirting like any other couple attracted to each other. my Master was surprised at my inexperience and i was afraid that this would put him off but instead he said it intrigued him. i gave him my phone number and he promised to call me later in the week. We arranged several dates after that where He would take me out whilst teaching me more about the lifestyle and helping me explore my submissive tendencies (for example He would order my meals, decide the venues, tell me what to wear etc.). All the while He was watching my progress and determining if i was capable to be his submissive. After the first few dates He gave me a list of rules to follow concerning eating plans, sleeping plans, fitness regimes etc. He made sure i followed these rules to the letter and any infractions would result in spankings. my first real punishment (this did not occur until we had progressed further in out relationship) from Him was for getting only 7 hours of sleep one night in stead of 8, but 15 strokes with a leather strap made sure i wouldn't forget my bedtime again! Once these rules had been established we moved our relationship to the next stage. i was given a list of things to learn (positions, meals he wanted me to learn how to cook, my daily routine when i was with Him etc.) and once i felt confident that i had learnt it all and would be ready too please Him i began my weekend ritual of staying at His house. From 6pm Fridays to 3pm Sunday i was His collared sub (this isn't like a dog collar, mine is more like a necklace with my Master's initials on) and it was during this time that my true training to be submissive both in and out the bedroom began. During the week we didn't really spend time together, however i would still have to follow the rules! This was the type of relationship that my Master had previously had with his submissives but as we grew closer and closer we wanted a more 24/7 situation. We began living together and at first we tried D/s at the weekend and "normal" in the week. This worked for a while until we both decided that we wanted something more and decided to try 24/7 D/s. We have not turned back since!!

As to when i first realised i loved my Master i think it was when he came to my work place without me knowing and left a cream rose with pink tips. You see i am a big fan of poetry and He had seen me reading a book of John Boyle O'Reilly's work. If you are not familiar there is one particular poem of his that goes:
"The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.
But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips "
i found it so romantic and i knew then that i loved Him with all my heart although like i said before i am sure that it had been going on longer without me realising or aknowledging it. Incidentally He also quoted this in His marriage proposal and the second to last line is enscribed on my wedding band whilst the last line is on His.

Thanks for reading this extremely lengthy post!!
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I have 5 submissives. I am very interested in marrying one of them. Would it be advantageous to go through the collaring stages or just focus on a regular relationship?

this was lovely to read. you write very well. thank you

What an awesome story. How loving and romantic.

very nice he is a very lucky man to have someone like you