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I am submissive to my husband; he rules over our household and I try to live up to my marriage oath of obedience. To me, this is what marriage should be and what the wife's role is and is what I have wanted since I don't know how young. My parents have a very similar relationship, you would be right to say that I aspired and learned from the role model she set. Mom always did her best to please Father, but there were times when she step outside the boundaries he set and just as my sisters and I were punished for being naughty of disobedient, Mom too was put over Father's knee and spent time n the corner. Growing up we never actually witnessed her punishments, Father always too her to their bedroom, but we heard them well enough, and there were times when it was days of mom having to sit gingerly. Both mom and Father would tell us that we girls "were never too old" to have our bottoms tanned if we disobeyed, either Father while we lived under his roof, or when we married, by our husbands. The thing is, my parents have the most loving marriage and we girls never felt anything but love and care. When a woman knows her place and submits to her husband, all discord and contention disappears. It is a safe and wonderful place, with as much certainty as is possible. All three of us girls have married and all of us are submissive to our husbands, and our brother's wife is submissive to him. I like my sisters, am happy and content under my husbands control and direction.
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Love it! It's awesome that you know what you want.

What a situation you describe. To always having to please your man. Please and obey. Fine with me as long as you feel like it. But what if he does things that you don't appreciate? Or demands things from you you really don't want to do? Does he allow you to stand up to him? I do not believe that violence is justified, ever. If a spanking is pleasurable and loving, then I see no problem. Can you tell us more of your situation (and your sisters, and your brother's wife)? Thank you for sharing.

What a lovely desc<x>ription of a submissive wife relationship. I also am submissive to my husband in EVERYTHING. Sometimes though my nature shows through and it results in punishment and tears, but then is forgotten straight away. I like him to be dominant in EVERYTHING, and to please him.

You are very blessed. Women was created from man, for man. A woman who accepts her husband's authority is living as God designed. It's a wonderful relationship for both, when both people accept their responsibilities. Good for you, and your parents.

mad daddy issues honestly. hyper-insecurity about the world and oneself. w/e though. who am i to say being a slave is wrong, right?.. i aint judgin'.

I am in a Submissive Marriage, My Husband is in control and I receive spanking. My husband is a good husband, sometime I get out of line an yes I receive a spanking. No I dont like it but I know that if I did not have rules no telling what I would be doing. I posted a story today, dont reall know what to do.... Any Advice Please

Wow! Your mother was being abused, and I fear you are vulnerable to the same fate. You are a grown woman, your husband is not your father, he is your equal. You deserve to be loved, not be controlled.<br />
If I were you I would get out of this marriage now, before anymore damage is done.<br />
Take care.

can you share the oath of obedience with me? It would be most helpful.

can I ask what kind of things do you do to deserve a smack? (as an adult) - and also what about times when he is out of order?

can I ask what kind of things do you do to deserve a smack? (as an adult) - and also what about times when he is out of order?

Okay there is a misunderstanding here.<br />
Nothing against submissiveness in a sexual way. but then out of a free decision. <br />
<br />
but not because its "normal" and "good" for men to rule or because I was taught to be like that.

@hannah, I love this comment. And I think I want to start to work with my wife on this. Submission is not about lack of respect or non-equalness, it's just about a different role people play. I can only imagine the possibilities for pleasure, trust and happiness.

what the heck? <br />
Woman and Man should always be equal! <br />
No one has the right to rule about anyone nad spanking a wife you love??... if man need to show that much power its a sign of a low selfconsciousness..

Congratulations, a great story of love. I agree with you, when a woman knows her place in marriage, everithing goes better. If you have girls you most teach them to be submisives to her husband, it is the correct way. Thank you

You are a very lucky woman to have a loving and dominant husband that takes good care of you so that you can be safely submissive. This is the first story of yours that I have read and I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing.

thats really a wonderul story. I am submssive to my husband and I am pregnant with our first baby (a girl) and I was wondering how our children would feel our our marriage. My husband is very loving and we are very close. But he will spank me and he is the boss and the master of me. Its nice to hear from a women who was raised that way.

Does he help you with these stories?

he is a lucky man