I'm Not A Submissive Anything....

If all of you are confused let me clear some things up...I'm not religious, I don't believe a lot of the bible, I'm spiritual not religious, I believe in equality, I'm outspoken, I have a true heart, I have a husband who loves me and accepts my outspoken tendencies, I will say what I think, I'm persuasive, I have the best husband in the world...true, I will always set an example for my daughters to be strong and stand up for what they believe in, If I have a son I want him to be like his father...I've read a lot of stories regarding CDD AND SPANKING OF WIVES..many of these stories the couple hide the fact they spank or get spanked from other ppl and their kids...kids are pure and the most honest they are without sin...so if they saw their daddy spanking their mommy would they agree it's right and not be upset...I'm sure them seeing their suppose to be hero hitting the person who carried them for nine months and loved them unconditionally, it would hurt them...as they got older they would have resentment and question their parents actions..
Keeping Cdd secret just shows its not right..
When your old and wrinkled you should only have happy memories to tell ur grand kids not memories that will be kept secret..
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hey Nat<br />
<br />
thats your problem!, what I Quoted before, from your reply<br />
its not about opinion, it about how correct you opinion is, when you are judging something or someone<br />
go through all the comments I posted on this post of yours and then reply with answers

I can be judgmental...having my own opinion makes me judgmental...that's what separates me from your wife/partner/girlfriend slash doormat....peace

hello Nat<br />
<br />
"U cant define spanking for punishment because there's no justification...and my opinion is mine like yours is yours..."

You lose! Thanks for playing silly man!

hello Nat<br />
<br />
well! I got it that you are smart enough not to tell the difference between a rape, a sex, and a love making.<br />
so lets talk about "spanking for punishment"<br />
I seriously hope you are dumb enough to tell me the similarities between a rape, a sex, and a love making.

I know what the differences are...Sex relating to gender, or sexual matters or both, male and female/plants/animals..
Rape-can mean to seize, forcible sexual advances or intercourse...
Making love-sexual activity between lovers...
U cant define spanking for punishment because there's no justification...and my opinion is mine like yours is yours...it shows u aren't smart enough because u need to know the difference..

hello Nat<br />
could you please tell me the difference between a rape, a sex, and a love making

Do u not know or wait...your being a smartass! I will tell u that Stockholm syndrome will affect these people as well as the control factor and weak personalities that in twine with dd...I've seen some ppl who made me see why submissive was ok but not one person who could show me spanking for punishment is positive...

Nope You are just a troll looking to post in groups and forums that are meant for mutual and like minded individuals and you have to troll on over to make a display of yourself for attention. <br />
<br />
You troll when you feel like trolling, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired and think everyone has to be like you and accept your ways. Are you sure you have sexual needs or that they are even being met. If so why are you trolling instead, you obviously are not fulfilled in some area of your life if you enjoy trolling.<br />
<br />
So, you are going to tell your kids that you have sex up the *** too are you, if that is something you do? What fantasy world do you live in that you believe that we share all our memories with our kids. No secrets... ha ha ha ha<br />
<br />
As adults we do what we enjoy and keep things from children because that is the way it is. If you go out on a date do you run home and tell children you slept with the man? of course not Do you leave your bedroom door open when sleeping with a man, of course not. duh<br />
<br />
People live the lives of their own choosing, obviously you cannot accept this. TROLL

What is it with u and talking about sexual things and children...u look like a troll I guess...HITTING IS WRONG...everyone should do what they want...I can't have an opinion...u however are weird and have some obsession about children that I don't want to know...I have facts and opinions..u just spew the same thing out of your rotten teeth...sorry for your sad life that's dominated by a man...hope u don't talk to him like that...haha wait maybe u should...I also do not need a man to fill my sexual needs I on occasion have opened my pleasure chest...it's funny how many interviews I've done women, around 75 to 83 percent fake an ****** on a daily bases...rub that I'm ur dominating mans psyche...hahahaha

You obviously do not have facts if you do not know that masochists have Sadistic tendencies. hahahahaha This one obviously does not believe that hitting is wrong if one wants it or if one asks for it. Someone here is a control freek and it is not this one. This one likes to be controlled of her own free will. You however do not belong amongst what you call mentally ill. Do your research first before commenting no that one as masochism is not considered an illness.

Oh by the way Cdd isn't n the bible...it's made up for people that can't control themselves and find someone to control them because they can't express themselves sexually to their partners...I eat when I'm hungry, I sleep when Im tired, I have sex when I want sex, Im not subtle when it comes to what I want so I don't use Cdd or submission to relay my sexual needs...I actually tell my husband what I want...sorry u cant and u changed ur husband from believing in what was right...he knew he shouldn't hit a women out of anger or to punish...sexually for fun...private little love taps or whatever..but when it relates to punishing your wives...it's repulsive..