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Recently I thought, I had finally reached Menopause. No more monthly inconvenience at long last! But then life proved me wrong again and surprised me a few months later with the revelation, that nature doesn't work so simple and smoothly, but rather has a transition period in stock. So I'm back to this monthly nuisance. 
In my former life (before becoming obedient) I would have welcomed this perfect excuse to avoid my wifely duties. But now, that I have come to love the bedroom activities once more, I'm really annoyed about these wasted days (and nights). I still want to please my husband and do my best, but I really wonder, with what sort of alternative solutions other wives come up, during this time of the month, apart from the good old B***J** and cooking his favorite meals... Is anyone keen to enlighten me? Advice please!
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I admit that I am not married. I am not a virgin, either. I like having vaginal sex when I'm on my period. Or at least I used to -now I don't have my period.There is one problem (besides messiness). If you have received the manhood into your body and for whatever reason, he has withdrawn, you will want him to wash before further penetration. Because the cold blood makes it feel like something, well, not a good thing. It feels COLD!

ah, I had the blessing of loosing all of that at 35. You have my sympathy my dear. Hugs

Wow, at 35, that's early! I only had my first and absolutely desired and wonderful daughter at age 38!!! But regarding Menopause, inconveniences finally seem to really get far and in between... so far no extreme heat rashes or other discomforts! Life is beautiful!

They are not something to look forward to. I had all of my children by age 30. So early Menopause was not the end of the world for me. Now that many of my friends are beginning it...well I am grateful it is over for me

Hmm...well, my husband really, *really* likes me to perform oral, and also uses my "other entry point" so my period was never a problem. He also used me those ways as a means of birth control (including the way RobertaSunset mentioned--I spent about ten years lactating and that makes great lube ;) ) so I don't know. Ask him what he wants--maybe a hand job? Ask him if there is some way you could please him better with your mouth, maybe?

I think oral is excellent birth control. I mean, the woman can have her "happy" orally as well (but not at that time of the month, I suppose), although myself I have had a "happy" while giving a man oral. I don't know if this is very unusual or not. In my face to face communications with people, I don't usually talk about sexual details.

Thank you for the tip! Will look it up...

Great website! Definitely worth to incorporate some of the ideas...

That's an awesome website, I book marked it :o)

Yep. The relaxing bath idea plus ***** tease worked a treat! Also ordered one of those massage wax candles... Sounds delicious (not only for this time of the month...)

You can subscribe to her YouTube channel. I think her $67 price for her whole set of programs is great. a woman who thinks her man needs an upgrade in the bedroom can buy him a good program for men like Revolutionary sex by Alex Allman and simultaneously buy herself the Secrets 2 Keep Him package.

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A *** **** if your boobs are not too sensitive? Sorry for being blunt lol, massage? Sexy striptease?


Unfortunately 'boobs' aren't my best asset due to cysts and lumpectomy. Sexy striptease yes, but wouldn't that be a real tease, if you can't deliver the expected goods in the end?... lol I had cooked his favorite oysters for him and he thought this was an invitation for action afterwards... Bad luck! ;-)

Oh, yes, sorry that was insensitive of me for saying that. I didn't think :o)
I'd go for the sexy stip tease first and then a massage then, you can give him a blow job too - do you know how to deep throat? It's easier than you think. Learn some new tricks to spice it up a bit but I have sex if Im at the tail end of my period and not too heavy, I know some people would find that icky though :o)

Isn't it funny, how you are never too old to learn new tricks? Thanks for the tips!

I hope I will never get too old to learn something new to blow his mind lol :o)

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