Degraded To Be A Wife

Most of my life I had thought of being a wife was a degradation of who I was. I was a submissive, a slave, anything you wanted me to be - but I did not want to be a wife. It seemed so final. You become a wife, a mother, a grandmother and you die. Slaves really live forever, they just evolve from one live to another. Here I am at the footsteps of having to make a decision. After five years with Master John I am becoming a "legal" wife. I have absolutely no clue what that actually means. There are contracts between us, which cover everything. So why degrading myself to be a wife? Master is challenging me. He wants me to be branded during the ceremony. It still would give me the feeling of being a slave. My wedding band would be on my nipple. I like that thought. The branding part is what I still have issues with. Master has yet to tell me what he wants to brand, and that may be part of the problem.
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You need to work together to establish your roles just as you did when you first married or started living together.

I do not know much about this, but does he get branded too. Or is it just you? He wants you to feel the pain, he needs also to know the pain of the branding. It is only fair. I would think.

In a Master/slave relationship, only the slave gets branded. We have been to branding ceremonies before and I am fully aware of the pain involved. I saw my sister-in-law being branded just last month. In the beginning of our relationship, I brought up the thought of being branded by him, but it wasn't until recently that he had picked up on the idea.

OK, let me see if I get this straight. You prefer to be John's slave & not his wife. Mainly because you don't like that title. I've read several of your stories & from what it looks to me like he cares deeply for you. He rewards you when you've been good & disciplines when you're bad. So, what if instead of thinking of this a marriage. You think of it as him claiming full ownership of you? Don't think of yourself as his wife but, rather his sole property. You can also ask him the same. He might listen & support your request in keeping the title Slave & Master titles.

I am Master Giley of Gor.<br />
I am a Gorean Master.<br />
I bran my kajira on the RT hip. This is the place of usual ownership, at least for a Gorean and his slave.<br />
We demand respect always from our women and although at this time I do not know if your Master has branded you or not, you mam will be just fine.<br />
We also do not find it degrading to be a Masters Wife, but an honor to even be asked by him. It is an honor that you should always value, even if you do not go into it 100 %.<br />
Serve him well kajira and he will always keep you safe!!<br />
<br />
Master Giley

Unfortunately legal issues have made it necessary for us to, at least legally, be married. I am not branded yet, but Master has proposed a ceremony of branding and marriage in the very near future.
I have chosen to be a slave and I am free to be one. But am I free, when I am a wife?

a brand would be painful and a sign of total submission

When you say 'branding', are you talking about a tattoo, or a real brand (like in hot iron)?<br />
This thought seems much scarier than becoming a wife! You can get a divorce, but you can't really repair your skin...

like in hot iron

I find it fascinating that, for you, becoming a wife feels like a demotion. I can understand if I consider the associations and connotations of both terms though. I just never really thought about it before. Thank you for posting. <br />
I hope you can come to terms with this change in your life although, like tmll02089 says, you probably wont notice much of a difference. Best wishes to you!

I still hate being demoted!!!!!!!

I will tell you even after you marry you won't feel much different. My slave has always viewed herself as slave. Wife by a piece of paper. So don't take the demotion. Just be a slave and the best you can be and not worry about the piece of paper.