What Makes Me Happy

I have always been submissive to my husband. I can't explain the need I have to please him. Since the first time I met him I knew we were made for each other. Something inside of me clicked and I knew I would move mountains to make him happy. I got out of the military for him so we could get married. He stayed in because it is the man's job to provide for his family. I was more than happy to comply with whatever his decision was.

Now, I was not a mindless, brainwashed girl. I always gave him my opinion and we talk about every major decision regarding our family. I know he values my thoughts and feelings, but he will always do what is best for us as a whole. That is his job as the head of household. My job as his wife is to make sure that all his needs are met and he is in the right frame of mind to make those decisions. It makes me happy to be the one he leans on, the one who supports him and the one who stands by his side.

My husband is not a demanding monster who bullies me. He is caring and appreciates everything I do for him. He loves me enough to push me to do my best in everything I do. He pushes me to my limits because he wants me to be stronger and handle things when he isn't around. To me, this is what a relationship should be about... Always giving your best to the one person you chose to spend your life with. That should be applied to every relationship, regardless of their "lifestyle."

Over the years, we've had children, lived in a foreign country, move all over the US and have been bombarded with negativity from people who don't understand our life. All of those things have made me strive to be his perfect wife. Throughout the years I've learned no one else matters. They don't do the things for me that my husband does. They aren't by my side during all the bad times. My husband is the only person I have to answer to. He is my soulmate and without him, I'm not me.

For all those reasons, I will do whatever it takes to make him happy. If that means staying up until midnight to make him four dozen cookies so he can get an extra hour of sleep, I'll do it. If it means accepting a punishment because I didn't do what I said I would, I will accept it. Any thing he needs from me I will gladly give, because I know without a doubt, he will do the same for me.

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8 Responses Aug 8, 2012

I'm so happy to read your story of a positive D/s relationship!

I can say this.... Comming from a mans point of view..... You(all you ) that having a partner(s) that loves and adores me insires me to be more & do MORE!

Thi is one of the most beautiful posts that I have read

I think your thinking is positive and focused and any thing positive will always be beneficial. Relationships are to be cherished and enjoyed and thinking out of the box makes our lives very interesting, I think if we use common sense life becomes easy and it give more than we expect.

I feel exactly the same way, almost everything that you wrote, I found myself nodding my head and thinking "yup, yup, yup, exactly!". I am very new to the "Taken In Hand" concept, but almost immediately upon finding it, I just KNEW that is what I wanted, and I knew that is what my relationship needed. It clicked. I too, immediately knew that the man I am currently with was the one I would be with for the remainder of my life. I just KNEW. It's odd how people will look at you like you're a little "off" when you tell them that, ha ha! So thank you for sharing, it's so very nice to know others are out there who believe and live the way I and my boyfriend strongly feel is best for the health and happiness of our family. If you are willing, I would love it if you could share some more in depth advice on how you built up your relationship, particularly within the military lifestyle i.e deployments and long periods apart (my guy is currently deployed), I'm all ears when it comes to anything that will help ease my guy's stress and make him happier (I'm also a giver, nothing makes me happier than making others happy, particularly my man). Again, thanks so much, and I truly hope to hear more from you :)

I would like to hear more about how being in the military helped shape your lifestyle - for good or ill as well, D.

It is so nice to be held by a man like this, isn't it! I have had the same experiance!!!! I am with a man right now who inspired submission in me from the moment we met and I think I've met the last man who will hold me in his arms for the rest of my life!! If you'd like to read my story on this, feel free! Congradulations! Just because nobody you know understands how you feel doesn't mean the way you are isn't absolutely right for you! Good luck in your journey!<br />

I am so happy for you. Family is so important and it sounds like you two have a great one. I can also say I'm inspired by you for knowing what you want and need and having the courage to find and keep it. I hope you and your husband have many more happy years together.

Good for you!!! :O Your marriage and family are your 1st priority and you shouldnt worry about what others say. They are possibly living in empty marriages or an empty life.<br />
Do what makes you and your family happy.