Asking For It.

Just the other day my husband and I were out at a restaurant having dinner. I had been in a horrible mood the whole day, and I was still being bratty while we were having our dinner. My husband kept telling me, you need to adjust your attitude before I have to do it for you. I would just role my eyes and continue the attitude. I guess he had enough of it because he said to me in a voice loud enough for everyone around us to hear, "when we get home you are going to be punished for your behavior." everyone just minded their own business but I knew that they knew what was going to happen. When we were finished eating my husband paid and we left the restaurant. The car ride home was silent. I just stated out the window. I was scared because I knew what was in store for me. As we turned onto our street my husband gave me some instructions. He said, "when we get in the house I want you to go straight up to our bedroom and stand in the corner. I'll be there shortly." as soon as we got in the door I did as I was told. I went up to our room and stuck my nose in the corner. After what seemed like forever, I heard my husbands footsteps coming down the hallway. Then the door opened and my husbad came in the room. I could hear him undo his belt and take it off. I stood in the corner until he told me to come to him. He was sitting on the bed when I turned around. I walked over and stood in front of him. He hugged me and told me that he loved me. Then he told me to pull my pants and panties down below my knees. Slowly but surely I did as I was told. Then he told me to bend over his lap, and I did. He then placed the doubled over belt on my bare bottom and he asked me why I was getting a spanking. I told him because I was acting like a brat at dinner. He the. Asked, "what do you say?" I then replied, "may I please have a spanking daddy." then I felt the belt lift off of my bottom and then it fell. I let out a small cry of pain. Then the spanking just kept going. There was about 3 seconds between each lick. And they were hard. I was kicking and squeeling and begging him to stop. I kept saying i was sorry an i wouldnt do it again, but he just kept spanking. After about 15 my husband sat the belt down and just sat there looking at his work on my now red bare bottom. I just cried and cried. After a few minutes he told me to go stand back in the corner with my hands on my head. I stood in the corner with my red bottom on display for about 10 minutes. Then my husbad called me from the corner to him. He gathered me up in his lap and held me. I was still crying a little and he kept telling me it was all over and it was okay. He kept assuring me that all was forgiven and that he loved me. He held me and rocked me until I stopped crying and was asleep.
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Aug 15, 2012