On The End Of His Fingers

He pulled me across His knee gently, thoughts running through my head thinking what I could have possibly done now but I was pleasantly surprised. He rubbed my cheeks and gave me some gentle slaps before plunging His do hers inside me roughly emediatly penetrating my g spot. Heat dispersed around my body suddenly causing me to buck but He held me still alternating between spanking me and playing with me my head was in a complete spin. I couldn't take much more on the edge He was holding me to. I jumped up and mounted Him in an erotic frenzy. Taking the lead for a change was liberating it's as if He'd flipped a switch. We led down panting from the exertion. Its nice to visit my old sexual dominance sometimes but I was told not to get too used to it and I intend not too.
sublucy sublucy
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Sometimes you just need to get on top and let lose. Great story. I love when our hohs give good girl spankings. They make it so fun!! Haha

Mmmmmm good girl spankings are always soooo nice!